InclusionToC (Erasmus+)




Project’s Title: Theory of Change for the Inclusion of Women Migrants in VET

Project Acronym: InclusionToC


Project’s objectives:

– Foster the integration of women migrants in VET education

– Make VET education more attractive and welcoming for women migrants

– Agree on common long-term solutions to tackle obstacles to education such as linguistic, social and cultural barriers

– Agree on solutions related to the specific problems that women migrants encounter due to their gender

– Make VET a safer and more attractive space for the most vulnerable groups such as women migrants

– Prevent isolation of women migrants through a progressive inclusion in the VET centers

– Empower women migrants in their learning journeys

– Expand migrant women’s employability chances

– Offer a concrete training material on soft skills which will be beneficial both on a professional and personal level

– Create an environment of inclusion and acceptance

– Create a core of migrant women who after the training can work as role models in their communities, assisting younger women in their educational journey

– Upskill VET staff and trainers to use the TOC

– Upskill migrant women by enhancing their soft skills and leadership competences

– Raise VET staff and trainers’ awareness about the obstacles related to the intersection of migration and gender inequality

– Help VET organisations use a participatory method (involving VET staff and migrant women) to apply TOC in VET institutions

– Empower migrant women and enhance their soft and leadership skills, to work as role-models in their own communities


Planned results:

  1. Training course – Inclusion of migrant women using Theory of Change
  2. Digital platform: Participatory design using TOC for inclusion of migrant women
  3. Training guide on leadership, self development and empowerment of migrant women

The outcomes from implementing the project activities will be:

– awareness raising about the importance and benefits of using inclusion practices for migrant women in VET education.

– raising of attractiveness of VET education and transformation of VET organisations into safer spaces for the most vulnerable groups such as women migrants

– application of long-term solutions related to the specific problems that women migrants encounter due to their gender identity

– capacity building and upskilling of VET staff and trainers on how to use TOC to apply inclusion practices into their organisations

– empowerment of women migrants’ soft skills and leadership skills, enhancement of their willingness for self-development

– improved chances of employability for migrant women

– improvement of everyday life issues for migrant women

– empowerment of women migrants who will be able to participate in the process of bringing institutional changes in VET organisation, through their participation using TOC




  1. Deinde sp. z o. o. (Polska) – Leader (
  3. STICHTING LEARNING HUB FRIESLAND (Netherlands) – Partner (
  4. HIP – HUB FOR INNOVATION POLICY S.R.L (Romania) – Partner.
  5. CESIE (Italy) – Partner (



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