Within Erasmus + Strategic Partnership project, partners implement international activities (transnational partner meetings, joint staff training events, study visits etc.) and local activities depending on each partner possibilities and joint arrangements made by all partners.


Initial Workshop took place in Floriana, Malta (11/12/2014) and was hosted by the project coordinator from Malta – Directorate for Lifelong Learning. Key objectives and activities:
– introduction to the project and ice-breaking,
– workshops on defining the objectives and mission of the project,
– discussion on activities and their implementation throughout the 3 years of cooperation.


First partner meeting took place in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands (16-17/04/2015) and was hosted by Dutch partner – Friesland College. Key objectives and activities:
     – focus on defining the target of the project and next steps to be undertaken (timetabe of activities),
– planning the research 
on the impact of using digital media in teaching basic skills,
– presenting the program of the adult education staff training event in Cyprus, May 2015,
– participation in the Conference on low literacy in the province of Friesland held in Leuuwarden.

Second partner meeting took place in Tetovo, Macedonia (06-07/06/2016) and was hosted by Macedonian partner – Association Alliance for Development of Adult Education and Lifelong Learning. Key objectives and activities:
     – update on project implementation and activities,
– working on project outputs – Digital Toolkit and Course on adult literacy,

– presenting the Macedonian context – adult education, innovation in education, visits to providers of non-formal education verified          by the Center for Adult Educartion in Macedonia.


First PLA took place in Valetta, Malta (30/11 – 04/12/2015) and was hosted by the project coordinator – Directorate for Lifelong Learning. Key objectives and activities:
     – focus on the research on adult literacy and digital media carried out by project partners,
– exisiting digital media tools for teaching literacy,
– educator and learner needs – sharing experience (workshop session),
– designing a toolkit for adult educators – sharing ideas (workshop session).
Participants of the PLA: project partners from UK, the Netherlands, Italy, Cyprus, Poland and Macedonia, as well as local participants (adult educators, teachers, trainers, lecturers and researchers from Malta).


  1. Job shadowing for adult educators and coordinators in basic literacy courses in the United Kingdom.
  2. In-service courses for adult educators in the United Kingdom, Cyprus and Italy (short-term joint staff training events)


In-service training for adult coordinators took place in Larnaca, Cyprus (27-31/05/2015) and was hosted by SYNDESMOS EKPEDEFSIS ENILIKON KYPROU.

The training was conducted by Mr Klitos Symeonides – school Inspector and in charge of the Adult Education Centres of the Ministry of Education and Culture – responsible for adult education at the Ministry of Education and Culture and Grundtvig National Agency; the president of the Cyprus Adult Eduction Association; for 5 years member of the Executive board of the European Association for Adult Education.

Five participants from five different countries ook part in the event: Poland, Malta, the Netherlands, Italy and Macedonia. Moreover, quests from Cyprus (University of Cyprus – Literacy Department and The Adult Education Centres of the Ministry of Education and Culture) were also invited to hold short presentations and take part in the training.

The training encompassed such subjects as:
– Introduction to the course (adult education, literacy)
– Principles of adult learning and teaching
– The adult learner
– Development of the training program
– Group dynamics
– Intercultural learning and strategies to recruit and understand participants and their communities
– Learning and teaching methodologies
– Literas strategies and methodologies
– Literacy and disabilities
– The learning environment

At the end of the training each participants conducted 20 minutes microteaching module on a chosen subject.  Moreover, study visits in Larnaca region as well as in Nicosia were also organized.


In-service training for adult educators took place in London, UK (7-11/03/2015) and was hosted by UCL Institute of Education.

Nine participants from six different partner countries took part in the event: Poland, Malta, the Netherlands, Italy, Macedonia and Cyprus. Moreover, guests from London and UK in general were also invited as experts and trainers in adult literacy, reading skill, using digital tools and e-learning in adult education and literacy.

The training encompassed such subjects as:
– Learning contexts and pedagogical approaches for adult literacy in partner countries
– Exploring the use of digital resources for literacy teaching and learning (e-learning tools)
– Supporting learning outside the classroom – identifying good practice in literacy teaching: reading circles, using cultural resources to support learning.

One of the highlights of the training included a visit to British Museum to demonstrate the practice of learning literacy on-site. This allowed participants to make use of their creative aspects when it comes to learning literacy and numeracy. More information:

3. Study Visit for adult educators in Norway

Study visit for adult educators took place in Oslo, Norway (07-11/09/2015) and was hosted by VOX Nasjonalt fagorgan for kompetansepolitikk. Key subjects:
     – Adult education in Norway and Norwegian Framework for Basic Skills for Adults,
– Basic competences in working life,
– Education and integration of immigrants,
– Using ICT and Open Education Resources in Adult Education and Literacy.

THEMATIC ACTIVITIES (intellectual outputs – results)

  1. Research on the impact of using digital media in teaching basic skills to adults and to combine digital media to previously established techniques in basic adult literacy.
  2. Designing of a digital toolkit to be utilised in basic literacy courses for adult learners.
  3. Creation of a 10-week course consisting  of a 2/3 hour weekly for adult learners – enhancing everyday literacy through storytelling.


  1. Project website: Deinde website, EPALE, Breaking Barriers on Facebook
  2. Project leaflets:  Project Official Leaflet, Leaflet 2
  3. Newspaper articles: Press note in Polish
  4. Radio/video clips and TV spots: Film promoting the project
  5. Concluding conference
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