About us

Deinde is a training and research institution, founded in 2010. It also provides career guidance services. It operates in the following areas: research, training, including vocational training, career guidance, lifelong learning, professional and social activation and entrepreneurship development.

We cooperate with a wide range of trainers, researchers and experts.

We organize comprehensive educational and advisory services in the field of lifelong learning and vocational education addressed mainly to adults. We conduct social research (desk research, FGI, IDI and others).

We develop and implement transnational partnership projects in cooperation with institutions from other EU/EEA countries under the following Programmes: Grundtvig, Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus+, EEA – EDUCATION and OTHERS.

Deinde has over a dozen years of experience in education, research, labor market and international projects. We support adults, young people, educational institutions and their staff. We create and test new methods and tools of education and guidance.

We respect and support the principles of sustainable development. We believe that education opens minds and changes lives.


Training Services

– development of EU projects,

– management of EU projects,

– settlement of EU projects,

– HR and payroll,

– SME accounting,


–computer graphics

–commercial law

–labour law

–tax law.

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