We are pleased to announce that a partnership meeting within the “Reaching the Stars” project took place from October 23 to 26, 2023. The event took place in Celje, Slovenia, and was hosted by Ljudska univerza Celje.

During the meeting, the partner institutions discussed the activities implemented so far within the framework of project results 1 – 3, and planned the final work on result number 3 (online counseling and guidance tools for adult learners).

The partners also discussed and planned the final dissemination activities of the project results, which will be organized at the beginning of 2024.


We would like to announce that as part of the “Reaching the Stars” project, the consortium is currently working on result No. 3 – digital materials for educational guidance and counseling in adult learning.

The digital platform that is being developed will contain materials and tools useful for adults to improve: motivation, self-reflection, self-efficacy, self-esteem, and future orientation.

In the second half of October, the partners will meet in Celje (Slovenia) to evaluate the activities so far and plan the work for the upcoming months of realization of the project. The meeting will be hosted by Ljudska univerza Celje.


Discover Your Potential! Educational Card Games – Reaching The Stars. Grow and Gain New Opportunities!

We are pleased to inform you that the brand new results of the “Reaching The Stars” project have just arrived at our office in Lublin.

Counselors and adult learners will be able to use card games during both group and individual educational counseling and guidance.

Thanks to the card games, participants will gain insight into the existing or missing competences and skills. Counseling participants will also be able to explore various educational and career opportunities for the future. Thanks to card games, they will broaden their future educational and professional horizons.


We are pleased to inform you that as part of the “Reaching the Stars” project, the consortium is completing work on the Counseling and Advisory Handbook as well as educational card games for use in educational counseling.

The educational materials will soon be available free of charge to all interested individuals, particularly counselors and teachers working with adults.


We are thrilled to announce that we are participating in a workshop as part of the “Reaching the Stars” project!

Together with our partners, we are testing the project’s results, which aim to promote motivation among adult students, a sense of self-efficacy, self-worth, and future orientation. We are very excited to learn about new tools and methods that will help us further develop. We thank our partners for their involvement in the project and for allowing us to participate in such an initiative. We will keep you informed of our progress!


In May, as part of the Reaching the Stars project, adult learners and educators will participate in a workshop in Milazzo, Italy, during which the project’s results will be presented and tested.

Participants (students and educators) will, among other things, use developed card games that aim to:

  • give participants insight into their existing or missing competencies and skills,
  • help them explore various educational and career opportunities they have in the future,
  • broaden their future educational/career horizons.


Transnational meeting in Lublin

We are pleased to announce that on 16-19.01.2023 in Lublin a transnational partnership meeting as part of the “Reaching the Stars” project took place. The meeting was attended by a total of 12 representatives of 4 partner institutions: from Polish (Deinde Sp. z o. o.), Finland (Tyóvaen Akatemia), Italy (Education In Progress) and Slovenia (Ljudska Univerza Celje).

During the meeting, the partner institutions discussed the work done so far under the first and second results of the project, i.e. a summary of the research carried out, the presentation of a transnational handbook of best practices for guidance and counselling in adult learning and the presentation of the initial pedagogical visualization of the card game for adult learners, including a proposal for specific competences under 8 key competences.

In addition, future project activities and work under Result 3 on the creation of digital online tools to promote motivation, self-reflection and self-esteem, self-esteem and future orientation are planned.

In their free time, guests had the opportunity to see Lublin and its cultural corners. Everyone could prepare and taste the local delicacy — onion maker.

The work of the project is continued within the framework of fruitful cooperation of 4 institutions of the adult education sector.


As part of the “Reaching the Stars” project, the consortium is currently working on two outcomes. The first will be a Handbook on staff consulting, and the second will be an educational card game.

Partner institutions conduct, among others, surveys with adult educators.

On 14 November, another virtual partnership meeting was held, where the current work of the project was discussed and further activities planned.


As part of the “Reaching the Stars” project, work is currently underway on result No. 1 – educational materials for adult listeners.
The partner institutions have so far carried out three types of research:

— desk reserach,

— surveys with adult listeners,

— interviews with adult educators.

On 17 August, the third partnership meeting took place online, during which the activities carried out so far were discussed and further project work was planned.


Second Transnational Partnership Meeting as part of the Reaching the Stars project

On 16-18 May 2022, the second transnational partnership meeting took place in Messina (Italy). The host of the meeting was Education In Prorgess ITALY. During the meeting, the partners presented the effects of the work carried out so far: research on existing data covering the socio-economic situation and questionnaire surveys conducted among students on educational and vocational counseling in partner countries.

During the meeting, work is also planned for the next months of the project, including questionnaire surveys among adult education staff and work on an educational game.


On April 20, 2022, another virtual project meeting took place. Partners discussed the state of play of the adult questionnaire and agreed on deadlines for the research. The agenda of the stationary transnational meeting planned for May in Italy was also discussed. Future project activities and work for the coming weeks were discussed.


On March 9, 2022, another virtual project meeting took place. During the meeting, the partners discussed the work carried out so far (analysis of existing data on the socio-economic context in counselling and educational counselling in individual partner countries). Details of questionnaire surveys were agreed with adult listeners. In addition, coordination activities were carried out regarding promotion, project management, dissemination and financial settlements.


First Transnational Partnership Meeting as part of the Reaching the Stars project

On January 25-27, 2022, the first transnational meeting of partner institutions opening the project took place online.

During the meeting, partner institutions, the project (activities, planned results, schedule, budget) were presented. The partners also presented preliminary plans for disseminating the project in their local environment. Arrangements were made in promotional matters (project website, logo).


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