We are pleased to announce that the project “Supporting Adult Growth and Empowerment for 55+,” within which Deinde sp. z o. o. is a partner institution, has started on 1.02.2024.

The objectives of the project include:

  1. Development of competences and skills of our staff in the field of educational counseling and work with people aged 55+.
  2. Institutional and staff development of 3 partner institutions thanks to the implementation of project activities and international cooperation.
  3. Development of innovative educational tools in the field of educational counseling for people aged 55+.
  4. Promotion and dissemination of lifelong learning for people aged 55+ in partner countries and at the EU level.
  5. Expanding educational opportunities for people aged 55+.

The project is a Partnership of 3 European institutions from Sweden, Poland and Cyprus.



Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Neither the European Union nor EACEA can be held responsible for them.

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