Project’s Title: GreenMinds: Green Education for VET and small enterprises

Project Acronym: GreenMinds

Project’s objectives:

  • To promote the significant importance of environmental awareness and practices and the adaptation of relevant Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by SMEs.
  • To develop an open and accessible online “Green Social Network” platform for VET organisations to network, communicate and enhance their environmental CSR activities.
  • To address and map the current needs and requirements of SMEs, concerning their environmental CSR activities.
  • To provide SMEs with insight into critical CSR tools and information to support their work.
  • To create a CSR Green “Bible”, a detailed step-by-step guide providing insight on the best environmental CSR strategies, targeted for SMEs.
  • To assist our target groups, by providing an appropriate framework and communication methodology for CSR adaptation practices.
  • To assist VET org.s in examining issues in a new perspective and support initiative-taking.
  • To enhance green business opportunities among SMEs through the networking element provided by the online platform.
  • To facilitate knowledge exchange and environmental awareness.
  • To nurture and strengthen team morale by developing an online community of users for interacting, changing ideas and sharing their common concerns.

Project’s activities:

  • Kick-off Planning Meeting
  • The creation of a CSR training content programme
  • Second Transnational project meeting
  • A downloadable step-by-step environmental CSR Handbook for VETs.




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