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Project’s objectives:

The aims of the project are to develop a pedagogical offline and digital online pedagogical material which can be used with adult learners; and to expand and develop the skills of counsellors (as tutor / teachers / trainers / educators / social work / technicians / psychologists, among others, depending on the context) who support these adult learners; and so to break new ground of lifelong guidance and counselling.

The transnational environment will give to the participators a chance for better understanding of the similarities and differences between various areas of the European Union. This will encourage adult learners to look for possibilities offered to them around Europe. At the same time, it will improve the professional skills of the staff of every partner, and thus build organisational capacity to operate on a wider European level. Choosing the adult learners to LTTA the project partners will prefer participants with fewer opportunities will help to built inclusion in the field of adult education.


  • Offline material for guidance and counselling.
  • Offline material for adult learners.
  • Digital online material for guidance and counselling.

In this project, we will study / present / test different practices to promote adult learners´ motivation, self-efficacy, self-esteem, and future-orientation, and create pedagogical material (Project Result 2) to enable the adult learners to see the full potential within themselves.

The activities will include desk search, two surveys, focus group interviews, piloting and testing.



  • 4 Transnational Project Meetings (one in each partner), along with regular virtual meetings.
  • Transnational short-term joint staff and adult learners training event.
  • Multiplier Events to share the outcomes of the Strategic Partnership with at least 160 participants who are related and/or interested in our project.

Project Results:

Transnational Handbook of the Best Practices of Guidance and Counselling in Adult Learning:

– overview of theory.

– overview on the survey and focus group results.

– compilation of best practice examples.

The Handbook could be used as a pedagogical tool to help adult learners setting and crystalizing both intermediate and long-term goals.

This tool will be available on the webpages of each partner.

Pedagogical card game for adult learners.

The offline material to help adult learners to visualize their competences and characteristics, and thus broaden their future horizon. Both the sociocultural context and the individual competences and characteristics influence adult learner´s capability of forming visions for the future.

The role of this game-like tool of guidance and counselling is enlarging a scale of these visions, even in adult education, and helping the adult learners to see their full potential.

Digital online tool to promote adult learners´ motivation, self-reflection, self-efficacy, self-esteem, and future-orientation. The questions of the online tool will encourage adult learners to self-reflection and facilitate sharing their thoughts with educators. Therefore, the online tool will be suitable for use in guidance and counselling meetings and for self-evaluation by adult learners. The online material will be freely accessible on the webpages of each partner for at least 5 years.




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